Greg Merritt


Dr. Greg Merritt received his PhD at Michigan State University in the Higher Adult and Lifelong Program with a focus on teaching and learning.He spent almost 30 years as a practitioner in University Housing at both Michigan State and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he was a senior administrator working with multiple departments and over 10,000 students and had a particular emphasis in the benefits of living/learning communities. His first role at U of M, Ann Arbor was with the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning where he focused on improving faculty and graduate student instructor teaching.

Growing up in poverty and being the first in his extended family to graduate college and as the founding advisor of the First-Gen Students@Michigan student group at U of M, he has seen the value of college education in changing lives and remains active in finding ways to help students whose life experiences are similar to his own.

Finally, following a heart attack that left him without a pulse for more than 30 minutes, he seized an opportunity to live a life of purpose and meaning and to use his “second life” to create a “second career” by now being the founder and CEO of his own company called where he seeks to find ways to create authentic patient partnerships with our healthcare teams. He has worked with folks in graduate medical education, in cardiac rehab, in primary care setting and in skilled nursing facilities and also writes a blog on his webpage.

He currently describes himself as an educator, innovator, community builder, free spirit, patient-centered advocate, first-gen proponent, questioner and lifelong learner.

He is thrilled to be part of the WEGO Health family and looks forward to building a community together and showing the great value of patient partnerships to improve healthcare!

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