Danny van Leeuwen


Danny,an action catalyst empowering people travelingtogether toward best health, wearsmany hats in healthcare: patientwith Multiple Sclerosis, care partnerfor several family members’end-of-life journeys, a nurse for 40 years, an informaticistand a QIleader. As a patient activist, Dannyfocuses on learning what works for people -patient-centered research, communication at transitions of care,health planning and informed decision-making, andtechnology supportingsolutions created by and for people.He led Boston Children’s Hospital’s Patient Family Experienceinitiative partnering with the 17 specialty practice administrators. Danny coaches new and veteran nursing andentrepreneurial leaders. HereviewsPCORI research funding applications andservesas co-chair of PCORI’sCommunication and Dissemination Advisory Panel.Dannyis active in the Society for Participatory Medicineand is editor of their newsletter. He serves on the Steering Committee of the AHRQ-supported Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PCCDS) Learning Network.He is a technical expert for CMS-funded Supporting Efficiency and Innovation in the Process of Developing CMS Quality Measures. Dannyblogs weekly (www.health-hats.com) and wasrecently published in BMJ.

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