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HealtheVoices 2019: A Little Heart Can Do Big Things

HealtheVoices 2019: A Little Heart Can Do Big Things

HealtheVoices, what an event?! This past weekend, Janssen presented its 5th annual HealtheVoices conference and it did not disappoint. Bringing together 140 top Patient Leaders, across condition areas, it was a weekend full of excitement, learning, and friendship. From learning how to infuse humor into your advocacy to writing memoirs to mastering your Twitter engagement…

Presenting The 2018 WEGO Health Award Winners

Year after year, the WEGO Health Awards remind us just how powerful the online health community is. With over 4,000 nominations and over 30,0000 endorsements, it's safe to say we were able to recognize more Patient Leaders than ever before! We're honored to recognize and celebrate the individuals making a change in healthcare, one tweet, one…

Presenting The 2017 WEGO Health Award Winners

Every year we receive more and more deserving Patient Leader nominations in the WEGO Health Awards. This year we had almost 2,500 nominations and close to 30,000 endorsements! A huge thank you to all of the judges that helped comb through these fantastic nominees to award our 16 WEGO Health Award Winners this year. Each…
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