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#WEGOHealthChat Recap: What’s the fix?

In case you missed our June #WEGOHealthChat, we’ve got this awesome recap for you! In this Twitter chat, we changed it up a bit and partnered with HealthSparq to get everyone talking about healthcare. We invited four Patient Leaders to help us co-host the chat and using the hashtags #WhatTheHealthCare and #WTFix we asked everyone…

#WhatTheHealthCare Moments and your #WTFix for healthcare

Have you ever experienced a #WhatTheHeathcare moment on your patient journey? We've teamed up with HealthSparq for the What's The Fix conference to brainstorm ways that we can fix healthcare together! Joined by the following Patient Leaders, our June 2017 #WEGOHealthChat focused on discussing #WhatTheHealthCare moments and highlighting how our network has circumvented the system…
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