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Patient Leader Creative Boosts Engagement in Social Media Campaigns [case study]

You know your morning social media drill; you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, sharing funny videos, commenting on your aunt’s post—this is nothing new. However, there is also an audience using social media in a different way. These users are looking for condition-specific information being shared regarding clinical trials, new treatment options, resources to make treatment…
Value of Patient Leader Content

The Value of Patient Leader Content [case study]

Regardless of where patients are in their treatment journeys, whether newly diagnosed or years into their diagnosis, they will most likely research condition-specific resources and information on new treatment options. More specifically, we found that Patient Leaders within the WEGO Health patient network are actively looking for these resources to share with their communities to help…

Check it out: Live CML Patient Summit Meeting!

In our ongoing mission to empower Health Activists, WEGO Health is excited to announce “Living Well with CML”, a series of free meetings for those affected by CML, convening this fall.   This Live Patient Summit Meeting is free, educational and made possible by one of our sponsors. To learn more about the live summit,…

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