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14 Ways to Bolster Your Facebook Privacy Today

Tech is everywhere, and when it works, it makes our lives better. It’s a big reason tech’s biggest players -- Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook -- are all getting into healthcare. There are a lot of problems that need fixing. But it’s rarely that simple. Google’s computing power, for example, could revolutionize the medical records system…

Today's #HAchat: Anonymity & Online Health Communities

  [caption id="attachment_4748" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Image credit: anotherphotograph on Flickr"][/caption] To wrap up the month of June - and Health Technology - let's look at where we, as humans, fit in to the technological landscape. In this week's Health Activist Tweetchat will discuss how The Future (technological advances, social media, etc) leads to some big…
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