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Shannon Meskouris, WEGO Health Patient Leader Network Recruitment Manager and Influencer Marketing Expert

What Healthcare Can Learn from Beauty Brands About Influencer Marketing: An Interview with WEGO Health’s Shannon Meskouris

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the WEGO Health arsenal. Connecting patient influencers with life sciences companies can drive impressive results, not just in terms of ROI, but in building trust.  Our ability to help our clients successfully navigate the rapidly-changing influencer marketing landscape is made easier by having experts on our team who…

Making A Difference: An Interview with WEGO Health’s Richelle Horn

Every day at WEGO Health we get to see the transformative alchemy that occurs when life sciences companies collaborate with patient influencers. Our Sponsor Programs Director, Richelle Horn, plays a key role in making this magic happen. She works to connect pharma brand marketers with patient influencers who have firsthand experience with their products and…

Social Media Influencers in Healthcare and Pharma: What’s Their Role?

What exactly is a social media influencer? A social media influencer is a person who has built a reputation as being a credible source of information online. Social media influencers build relationships with their readers and followers that lead to engagement. And social media influencers hold sway with their readers and followers when it comes…

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