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Guide to Patient Culture on Social Media

2020 Guide to Patient Culture on Social Media

Patient culture will bloom wherever it’s planted. It started on message boards and trickled into Facebook Groups, it spread across twitter and broke through your Instagram feed, it wove it’s way through Reddit threads and has even erupted across TikTok. Every platform has a purpose, a mission, a community shouting to be heard in 120…

10 Tips for Setting Up a Blog and Reaching 1 Million Hits

I set my blog up in 2014 purely to help fundraise for a charity walk along 2000-year-old World Heritage site of Hadrian’s Wall. But it also gave me a platform to tell my story - awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer was also a listed aim of the adventure. In the beginning, I had to rely on…

4 Ways to Take Control of Your Healthcare

  Patient Leaders share a common passion for helping others, but there are a plethora of avenues to take your advocacy. Some leaders choose to run support groups, while others create communities on social media. Some Patient Leaders, like the 2018 WEGO Health Awards Healthcare Collaborator winner Amanda Greene, have focused on collaborating with healthcare companies as…
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