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6 Best Practices for Working with Patients on Creating Content

6 Best Practices for Working with Patients on Creating Content

If you’re not creating content for your brand that features real patients, you need to be. Beyond the well-documented need for authentic content, marketing materials featuring patients are proven to resonate more with target audiences than materials featuring traditional stock photography. Many pharmaceutical companies are starting to grasp this idea, if only on a small…

In The News: The Patient-Collaborator Movement Hits Pharma

Some players in the life science industry have seen certain patient groups as antagonists in the past but the tide is turning. Our founder and CEO, Jack Barrette, recently spoke with MedCityNews about the movement to recast patients as collaborators. This idea has long been at the heart of the WEGO Health mission, but Jack…

Presenting the 2018 WEGO Health Awards Finalists

We'd like to congratulate all of the nominees in this year's WEGO Health Awards. Every year we are blown away by the nominees and this year was no different. Each Patient Leader and Patient Leader team brings a unique perspective to the online health community and it's been a tremendous honor to learn more about…
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