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The Impact of Patient Influencers and Online Communities in 2021

The Impact of Patient Influencers and Online Communities in 2021

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a new marketing tactic or channel to consider at least monthly? There’s almost a paralyzing number of options, each one promising results that will blow your benchmarks out of the water. Sure, some of these tactics are proven, but pharma marketing doesn’t play by the same rules as most other…

Healthcare Marketing: 1 Radical Idea + 3 Leverage Points

Healthcare marketing is going through a radical change. The sheer number of developments and trends reported each day is overwhelming. The good news is that it’s creating more opportunities to share your brand’s message than ever before, if you can figure out how to sort through the noise of the chaotic healthcare landscape. That just…

Fake News in Healthcare Can Be Quite Dangerous in Facebook’s Health Communities

As Facebook hires 3,000 more foot soldiers to fight fake news in healthcare, they join a battle against dangerously bad online health information that’s been raging for years. But now at the front lines, they’ll find reinforcements: volunteer consumer watchdogs on a mission to protect the chronically ill or the newly diagnosed from bogus claims…
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