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10 Tips for Setting Up a Blog and Reaching 1 Million Hits

I set my blog up in 2014 purely to help fundraise for a charity walk along 2000-year-old World Heritage site of Hadrian’s Wall. But it also gave me a platform to tell my story - awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer was also a listed aim of the adventure. In the beginning, I had to rely on…

Meet the Man Who Blogs 3 Times a Day!

No, you didn't read that wrong . . . Bob DeMarco, founder of Alzheimer's Reading Room, began writing 3 blogs a day! He's published daily since July of 2009 and now has over 6 million unique visitors benefiting from the +5,000 articles on his site. Bob's blog is the number one source of information in Alzheimer's care,…
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