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WEGO Health Survey: Patient Leaders are Solidly Behind Drug Price Transparency

With consumers feeling the pinch of healthcare costs more intensely than ever, the debate over cost transparency is only getting more heated. Nobody is feeling that heat more than pharma. Prescription drugs are an ever-increasing share of our out-of-pocket medical costs. And by all accounts, it’s going to get worse. The CMS Office of the…

The Benefits of Using Google+ as a Health Activist

It came to me as no surprise that many Health Activists are already on Google+ and braving the first portion of confusing adaptation to dig in an learn how they can latch on and really take advantage of possible opportunities therein. Health Activists are experts at communicating and often among the earliest of early adopters.…

Expanding Your Advocacy: Twitter Chats & Beyond Follow-up

Last night I was joined by Diabetes Health Activist Cherise Shockley in a webinar conversation about taking your advocacy to the next level. We focused on the new trend of awesome online interaction: the elusive and exciting  Twitter Chat. Cherise took us the behind-the-scenes into how she created and grew the awesome Diabetes Social Media…
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