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WEGO Health Influencer Series: Macro-Influencers

WEGO Health Influencer Series: Macro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has taken the marketing world by storm and the concept is gaining steady traction in the healthcare industry. Life sciences companies are no exception. Many brand marketers are finding that when they work with influencers in the patient community, their marketing campaigns see more engagement, largely because they offer patients the authentic engagement…

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing – Consider These Factors

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing - what is it? The fine folks at SAS state that Digital Marketing is "the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.” Add to it a focus on pharmaceuticals and we now have Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing. Digital marketing has proven to be a real game changer for…

Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Reaching Your Target Audience

Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: We described it in our recent post, “Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Effective Patient Influencers.” In that post, we also shared some attributes to look for in an effective Patient Influencer. Now, let’s discuss identification of the target audience and the methods used to reach that audience.   Who Is Your Target…
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