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WEGO Heath Experts: Creating A Successful Experts Profile

Successful profiles showcase your professional strengths and patient expertise to sell your value to clients. Complete, compelling and clear profiles make a great first impression! We’ve designed the Expert profile so it’s easy to highlight your specific areas of expertise, your top skills and the roles you’ve played in health care (and other industries). It…

WEGO Health Experts: 5 Elements to A Winning Proposal

It's an exciting time for Patient Experts! Healthcare companies are starting to see the value these patients can provide making them eager to collaborate. With WEGO Health Experts, we make collaboration easy- connecting our Patient Experts with healthcare opportunities in real time. But how do you win the work? A winning proposal. This is your…

February #WEGOHealthChat Recap: From Patient Leader to Paid Consultant

[<a href="//storify.com/wegohealth/wegohealthchat-recap-from-patient-leader-to-paid-c" target="_blank">View the story "#WEGOHealthChat Recap: From Patient Leader to Paid Consultant" on Storify</a>] Click HERE to see the full chat!
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