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Caregivers Awareness Month

At-Home Heroes: Celebrating National Family Caregiver Awareness Month

While 2020 has been marred by the imprint COVID-19 has left in its wake, it has also been a year of raising up those on the front lines fighting this devastating pandemic. We’re thanking first responders and medical professionals in a way we never have before, recognizing the sacrifices they all make daily to help…

Hemophilia Patient Leader and Caregiver #FollowFriday – November 24th

We did a few Community Insight Groups with the Hemophilia community earlier this year and had the pleasure of getting to know a few of the incredible people advocating in this space. For this week's #FollowFriday let's meet some of the top Hemophilia and blood disorder advocates out there.     Dakota Rosenfelt Hemophilia Patient Leader Facebook …

Empowering Caregivers: Welcoming them to our Health Activist Community

More than 65 million people provide care for loved ones, averaging 20 hours a week. But, like many words in the health world, "caregiving," carries around a vague set of meanings and connotations. As I write this, spellcheck is telling me that it isn't a word (though neither is "spellcheck") but it is a word…
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