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Acromegaly Awareness: You’re Very Complicated

To celebrate and recognize Acromegaly Awareness Day, we asked Patient Leader Kara LaFrance to share her acromegaly story. We invite you to share your own acromegaly story on social media as well. The more that we can share stories and information about acromegaly, the more we can raise awareness and help each other! You’re Very…

Today is Acromegaly Awareness Day!

With so many awareness months, do you have time for one whole awareness day?! November 1st, today. A rare, one-day opportunity for a rare disease…ACROMEGALY! Who-hoo!! Acromegaly is a GH (growth hormone) producing tumor. First, it is on the pituitary-gland which is basically back between your eyes. It is the control center for just about…
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