WEGO Health Announces Collaboration with StartUp Health to Accelerate Digital Health Innovation

BOSTON, Mass. Oct 30, 2017 – WEGO Health announced a new partnership with StartUp Health to strengthen their mission-driven transformation of healthcare. The collaboration is designed to accelerate innovation by matching up digital health companies in the StartUp Health Moonshot Academy with a network of patient experts who can provide valuable insight and feedback during the product development process.

Through the partnership, StartUp Health’s global portfolio of entrepreneurs will have direct access to subject matter experts, thought leaders and health influencers, a unique talent pool that can be hired ondemand on the WEGO Health Experts platform. Together, the two networks are a natural fit, enabling startup executives to quickly integrate top-rated freelance consultants into their teams to tackle challenging projects and initiatives.

By having the ability to incorporate patient expertise into every stage of the product life cycle, these startups are more likely to deploy solutions to market that healthcare consumers will adopt and use.

StartUp Health has built the world’s largest digital health portfolio with nearly 200 companies spanning five continents, 18 countries and 65+ cities. To date, 14 of its startups have been acquired by companies including Intel, WebMD, Under Armour, Zimmer Biomet and Generali. WEGO Health connects the healthcare industry with freelance patient experts, who are vetted business consultants and professionals that can help drive patient-centered innovation. The company’s vast network includes more than 125,000 patients and caregivers who manage chronic and complex health conditions, and who deeply understand the health consumer perspective. WEGO Health’s patient experts have broad online influence and diverse skills, which help companies overcome the industry’s numerous challenges.

“These innovators in the StartUp Health alliance are among the visionaries who understand the value of consumer-driven innovation,” said David Goldsmith, WEGO Health’s chief strategy officer. “This partnership not only enables our network of experts to impact their individual conditions and communities, it also allows them to lead the consumerist movement in healthcare and help shape patient-centered solutions.”

About StartUp Health
In 2011, StartUp Health introduced a revolutionary new model for transforming health by organizing and supporting a global army of entrepreneurs called Health TransformersTM. The Company has identified and is investing in 10 Health Moonshots, with the long-term goal of improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world. These include: Access to Care; Cost to Zero; Cure Disease, Cancer; Women’s Health; Longevity; Mental Health; Brain Health; Nutrition, and Children’s Health. With the world’s largest digital health portfolio (nearly 200 companies spanning five continents, 18 countries and 60+ cities), StartUp Health’s long-term platform for entrepreneurs includes the StartUp Health Academy, StartUp Health Network, StartUp Health Media and StartUp Health Ventures. Founded by Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health is chaired by former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin. Notable strategic partners and investors include AARP; Aurora Health Care; California Health Care Foundation; Steve Case; Mark Cuban; Esther Dyson; Brad Feld; Genentech; GE Ventures; Kaiser Permanente Ventures; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, SAP, and SeventySix Capital.

About WEGO Health
WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders, working across virtually all health conditions and topics. WEGO Health Experts is the first on-demand talent platform that matches companies seeking patient expertise with individuals who are available to work as independent consultants. WEGO Health’s network collaborates with startups, life sciences companies, non-profits, agencies, government and all types of organizations across healthcare. WEGO Health offers enterprise and on-demand solutions that allow organizations to leverage patient experience and expertise in the design, development, and promotion of their products and services.

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