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WEGO Health provides countless chances for you to connect with others who can relate to what you do, share your perspective or experiences, and spread the word about issues that are important to you.

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Broaden your network by connecting with members online through a Twitter chat or in-person at a WEGO Health sponsored Meetup. This is your opportunity to build relationships with others who are as passionate about health as you!


WEGO Health on Facebook

Join WEGO Health on Facebook and meet other influencers, organizers, connectors, leaders and contributors who are passionate about helping others lead healthier lives.

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Join the Conversation Online

Each month we host a Health Activist Tweetchat. Conversations can include ways we advocate offline, role of technology in health activism and more! Be on the lookout for this month's scheduled chat. If you'd like to host a chat, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Meet Up in Real Life

Sometimes it's great to take our efforts off-line for an evening to meet face-to-face and discuss health activism. Sign up for a WEGO Health Meetup to connect with other members on a different level.

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Discuss the needs of specific conditions, raise awareness and share valuable information and insights through live panel sessions with others in the WEGO Health network. These are prime opportunities to discuss the topics closest to the heart of your own online community.


Health and Parenting

Interested in candid conversations about health and parenting? Sign up for our Parenting Roundtable and speak to other members about the parenting topics that are top of mind.

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Chronic Illness

Sign up for our Chronic Illness Roundtable and speak to other members about living with chronic illness. Share the challenges that are unique to chronic illnesses and meet others dealing with chronic illness.

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The Power of Health Technology

Let's discuss how technology has impacted healthcare as a whole and you individually. Has technology empowered you to reach more people? Made a difference in how you receive care?

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Be Heard

“By setting up panels to speak to the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies, WEGO Health allows me to reach an important group of people that will help all of us who are enduring with this most challenging disease.” Amy Gurowitz, Multiple Sclerosis Health Activist


Health and Caregiving

Sign up for our Caregiving Roundtable and speak to other members about caregiving and the support role. Discuss the joys and challenges of caregiving for a loved one and share insights from your own perspective.

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Get the Word Out Go to top of page

Speak up and help to empower others by sharing what you know with the help of WEGO Health. Use these opportunities to get the word out to promote awareness and education.


Public Speaking Opportunities

Public speaking engagements are excellent opportunities to get your message out and establish relationships with different organizations. Find an event to present through our Speaker's Bureau!

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Share Your Event

Tell us about events that are important to you so we can help you spread the word! Whether it is a health conference, condition-specific seminar or an event that you think will inspire others - let us know!

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