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Postpartum Depression Patient Leader #FollowFriday - June 8th, 2018

It is estimated that the reported rate of clinical postpartum depression among women is between 10%-20% of all live births, which is a lot of moms and…

How The WEGO Health Awards Work

Originally coined the “WEGO Health Activist Awards,” the WEGO Health Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: To empower Patient Leaders. We…

#PatientLeader Webinar: HealtheVoices18 Recap - Top Tips & Takeaways

HealtheVoices18 has come and gone - but the hype isn’t over yet! HealtheVoices is a conference focused on bringing together Patient Leaders who represent a…


Ilana Jacqueline

Rare Disease Patient Leader

Julie Cerrone Croner

WEGO Health Patient Leader Network Director

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May #WEGOHealthChat Recap: Tackling Sensitive Issues in Advocacy

Advocacy is hard enough as it is, but how do you handle spreading awareness when you have a condition that makes people uncomfortable to talk…

April #WEGOHealthChat Recap: How to Pitch Your Patient Journey to the Press

As a Patient Leader, your number one focus is how you can raise awareness and help more people. One of the best ways to do…

March #WEGOHealthChat Recap: Combating the Stigma of Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness not only means dealing with a lifetime of complications but it also means endlessly fighting off the stigma associated with…


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