Truvio® mobile surveys

What is it?

This is the mobile device version of a community insight group, where participants call in to submit their self-moderated responses. The suite comes with five questions, 15+ Patient Leader responses, and a full analysis and report. Turnaround time is 10-15 days.

Why does it work?

There’s a quick turnaround for your feedback so you can be nimble in your campaign messaging. The Patient Leaders record their responses for you, which provide rich, qualitative insights that can only be captured through the actual voice of customer.


  • Recruitment of participants
  • Survey creation and consultation
  • Project management and moderation
  • Audio recordings
  • Full analysis and report

Typical Uses

  • Validate marketing plans
  • Unpack the customer journey
  • Understand voice of customer

Case Study

Truvio® mobile survey

Learn how one pharmaceutical company used voice-recorded insights to tailor messaging in a marketing campaign...

Featured Patient Leader

I think pharmaceutical companies are missing the boat when they don't use health leaders out there because a lot of people are leery of pharmaceutical companies. By tapping into the insights of Patient Leaders, the pharma company is going to gain a lot of insight that they couldn't get any other way.

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