Sharing hubs

What is it?

Sharing hubs serve as dedicated information sites that feature co-branded health
information. They showcase resourceful treatment options provided by client brands,
WEGO Health and Patient Leaders.

Why does it work?

When co-branded with WEGO Health, the information is trusted. Not only are sharing
hubs viewed as a reliable source of beneficial health info and treatment options,
but the content featuring Patient Leaders drives engagement rates.


  • Project management
  • Patient Leader content creation
  • KPI benchmarking and reporting
  • Regulatory review management

Typical Uses

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build engagement with brand
  • Serve as brand resource site

Case Study

Sharing hub

Learn how one agency was able to increase online engagement with their client's brand by creating a co-branded sharing hub to serve as a resource site...

Featured Patient Leader

At the time of my diagnosis I was shocked at how little information was available, and even more shocked at the lack of research and education on my form of breast cancer. I have since then worked tirelessly to fund research and educate my community.

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