Patient Leader advisory board

What is it?

Our Patient Leader advisory boards provide a timely and cost-effective way to pull together a high-impact group of business consultants and advisors. Covering a wide variety of topics and condition areas, we can manage the recruitment, screening and on-boarding for you.

Why does it work?

Patient Leader Advisory Board members not only consult clients with their perceptions, opinions, and knowledge from the healthcare consumer perspective, but they also speak on behalf of their communities. Patient Leaders contribute their feedback from a business perspective, and collaborate on projects and initiatives from a consultative role.


  • Recruiting and vetting of participants
  • Project management
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Feedback and meeting notes reporting

Typical Uses

  • Market research
  • Product development
  • Business consultation

Case Study

Patient Leader advisory board

Discover how one biopharma company was able to recruit seven very effective board members who collaborated on a rare disease research project...

Featured Patient Leader

The folks who are seeking advice know who they can rely on, count on, and know that they’re getting accurate information. They generally seek those Patient Leaders to help frame the questions, and once they’re armed with the questions, they have more confidence to go discuss things with their doctors.

What our Clients say