Patient Leader ad creative

What is it?

We create co-branded ads that feature real Patient Leaders from our network in the creative.

Why does it work?

Curating ads that feature Patient Leader creative builds trust among online patient communities and target audiences. With trust comes credibility, and an increase in audience engagement. Couple that with deploying through a hyper-targeted social media campaign, and the results should outperform industry benchmarks.


  • Project management
  • Patient Leader recruitment
  • Content creation
  • Regulatory review management

Typical Uses

  • Social promotion
  • Awareness campaign
  • Educational content
  • Increase engagement

Case Study

Patient Leader ad creative

Discover how one pharma brand increased engagement in their marketing campaign by featuring Patient Leader in ad creative...

Featured Patient Leader

If a leader of our community or group is featured, or likes, shares or comments on a certain post, that does lead to action. Patient Leader creative helps us to get involved and to also share and check out the info or follow the page. Any kind of information is helpful so we definitely look into every aspect of everything and Patient Leader creative on Facebook is a big help.

What our Clients say