Educational campaigns

What is it?

Educational campaigns are online resource campaigns built with the purpose of spreading the word on a single awareness event or initiative.

Why does it work?

Our Patient Leaders are influential in their online communities and have broad online reach. Through their educational campaigns, each member reaches 15k monthly, are 5x more likely to contribute daily and 82% go online to raise awareness of health issues. Because we have the ability to hyper target audiences with our proprietary data, we save a lot of wasted impressions.


  • Project management
  • Proprietary audience targeting
  • Content creation
  • Regulatory review management
  • KPI analysis and reporting

Typical Uses

  • Awareness and event campaigns
  • Educational outreach

Case Study

Educational campaign

Check out how this client was able to increase visibility and spread awareness on Epilepsy Awareness Day with a Patient Leader-driven educational campaig

Featured Patient Leader

At the time of my diagnosis I was shocked at how little information was available, and even more shocked at the lack of research and education on my form of breast cancer. I have since then worked tirelessly to fund research and educate my community.

What our Clients say