Community Insight Groups

What is it?

A community insight group (CIG) is a moderated remote focus group session, and a productive way to discover how your target consumers are feeling and behaving. This type of market research allows you to check-in on your target audience’s trending perception of treatments and popular brands. Most companies do this quarterly and generate tailored questions that help reach their insight goals. We handle the recruitment for you and provide a full analysis and report, with a turnaround time of 30-45 days.

Why does it work?

CIGs uncover more in-depth truths about your target communities so you can understand what drives their actions and behaviors. Patient Leaders answer the why and how to questions; whereas standard patients only tell us the what. If you’re looking to understand what resonates with your targeted audience, CIGs can reveal the insight you need to validate whether your marketing message is on track or not.


  • Recruitment of participants
  • Moderated remote focus group session
  • Full analysis and findings report
  • Audio recordings
  • Quarterly check-ins

Typical Uses

  • Market segmentation
  • Product & ad testing
  • Satisfaction & loyalty analysis
  • Brand awareness
  • Pricing research

Case Study

Community Insight Group

Discover how one pharmaceutical company was able to uncover in-depth insights from Patient Leaders...

Featured Patient Leader

I think pharmaceutical companies are missing the boat when they don't use health leaders out there because a lot of people are leery of pharmaceutical companies. By tapping into the insights of Patient Leaders, the pharma company is going to gain a lot of insight that they couldn't get any other way.

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