Case Studies

When companies collaborate with and hire Patient Leaders, with strong professional backgrounds and deep experience navigating the healthcare system, the impact on healthcare can be profound.

Check out these case studies to see how forward-thinking healthcare companies are hiring Patient Leaders.

Bringing the Patient Perspective

Find an established patient leader to speak at an annual conference for clients and industry leaders, and specifically, a person able to bring a perspective

Speaking Engagement

Patient and Caregiver Advisory Board

Recruit three patients and two caregivers to serve on an advisory board for a research platform that aims to improve care for patients with Idiopathic…

Advisory Board

Accelerated Medicine Research Study

Find, screen, and recruit 24 patients and caregivers within a rare disease category to support a research initiative of a major life sciences company


Thought Leadership

For Corinna

As a CEO who has seen his share of decades pass, with a WEGO Health team that’s stronger and closer than ever, I can begin…

How Facebook’s News Feed Changes Will Affect Patient Influencers

  POV Whitepaper by Jack Barrette, CEO & Founder, WEGO Health   Marketers are scrambling to find out how the recent Facebook news feed algorithm change…

Patient Influencers See a Boost from Facebook News Feed Changes

POV by Jack Barrette, CEO & Founder, WEGO Health   What has changed?   Mark Zuckerberg announced in January that Facebook changed its algorithm to…

Top 5 Twitter Patient Leaders to Watch

From 140 characters to a seemingly massive 280-character count, Twitter is ever-changing and ever-growing. Check out these stats: There are 500 million tweets sent per…

7 Secrets to Successful Patient Expert Collaboration

Jack Barrette, WEGO Health CEO, recently sat down with Dan Couchman Kendall of Digital Health to chat about how to identify, collaborate with, and leverage…

Social Life of Health Information

When it comes to health, people have always consulted with others in their social and professional circles. So, whether looking for more info or for…


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