Case Studies

When companies collaborate with and hire Patient Leaders, with strong professional backgrounds and deep experience navigating the healthcare system, the impact on healthcare can be profound.

Check out these case studies to see how forward-thinking healthcare companies are hiring Patient Leaders.

Bringing the Patient Perspective

Find an established patient leader to speak at an annual conference for clients and industry leaders, and specifically, a person able to bring a perspective

Speaking Engagement

Patient and Caregiver Advisory Board

Recruit three patients and two caregivers to serve on an advisory board for a research platform that aims to improve care for patients with Idiopathic…

Advisory Board

Accelerated Medicine Research Study

Find, screen, and recruit 24 patients and caregivers within a rare disease category to support a research initiative of a major life sciences company


Thought Leadership

Social POV: Facebook for Patient Engagement

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has quickly become the most ubiquitous social media platform. From its early days of connecting students on college campuses,…

Owning Your Health Identity: New Thinking for New Rights

There’s growing concern that our personal health data, genetic data, and even in some cases our physical cells, are being collected and sold for profit—often…

In the News: Online Health Communities After Cambridge Analytica

Before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook seemed to be on an endlessly upward trajectory. One of the platform’s biggest strengths had become group functionality. Over…

Biological Property Rights: Are Your Cells, Genome, and Personal Data Truly Yours?

Whether people realize it or not, their every move online, and sometimes offline as well, is being captured by data brokers. These brokers feed a…

In the News: Four Ways Crowdsourcing Drives Healthcare Innovation

At WEGO Health, we see healthcare innovation happening every day. Our Chief Strategy Officer, David Goldsmith, recently wrote a piece for Forbes highlighting some of…

In the News: Harlow On Healthcare Discusses Patient-Centered Solutions with David Goldsmith

On the Harlow on Healthcare radio show and podcast, host David Harlow chats with healthcare innovation leaders. Earlier this summer, David Goldsmith was his featured…



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