Healthcare problem solvers

We understand your company's challenges.The product team is launching into a crowded market. Marketing has to move the needle with an awareness campaign. The research team needs to recruit for a patient advisory panel. We can help.

We are social media experts, research analysts, and strategists. Together with our 100k+ Patient Leaders, we help leading healthcare companies gain insights and activate patient communities.

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Who are our Patient Leaders?

MaryAnne Sterling
Family Caregiver Voice in Policy


They are business professionals:

  • who deeply understand the patient perspective
  • with strong skills and expertise to help companies face industry challenges
Jessica Gimeno
Health Activist, Writer, TEDx Speaker


They have wide reach:

  • 15k average monthly reach per member
  • 73% are members of multiple online health communities
  • 3x more likely to use a health app and write reviews
Dakota Rosenfelt
Hemophilia Patient Advocate


They are healthcare consumers

  • who navigate the healthcare system daily
  • and strive for patient-driven solutions


Patient Leaders


Conditions and interests


Average reach per member/month

Meet some of our Patient Leaders

Amy Adams

Healthcare Marketer Living with MS


Danny van Leeuwen, RN, MPH

Founder Health Hats
Project Management
Business Development

population health management

MaryAnne Sterling

Family Caregiver Voice in Policy, Healthcare Transformation, and Health Research


Josh Robbins

Social Video Producer, Positive Speaker, New Media Social Activation Using Health Innovators, Strategy Development


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