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15 Things to Consider When Discussing Mental Illness

By Grady Stewart - October 7, 2021

Millions of individuals are living with a mental illness around the world, and yet, these conditions are too frequently considered taboo and misunderstood. Thankfully, patient…

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Announcing the Inaugural Industry Honorees of the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards

By WEGO Health - September 30, 2021

For 10 years, the nominees, finalists, and winners of the WEGO Health awards have brought to all who know them overwhelming inspiration and appreciation for…

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Patient Leader Network

Presenting the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards Winners

By Grady Stewart - September 27, 2021

After a decade of the WEGO Health Awards, we continue to be starstruck by the compassion, dedication, and leadership of the patient leader community. Created…

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WEGO Health

Announcing the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards Finalists

By Grady Stewart - August 26, 2021

For the last decade, WEGO Health has celebrated the WEGO Health Awards annually, in hopes of recognizing and honoring the thousands of patients and caregivers…

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Patient Leader Network

Workshop: Getting Your Health Writing Published

By Kristen Long - July 28, 2021

Do you want to see your writing in magazines? Would you like to receive a check for what you write? If your goal is to…

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Patient Leader Network

What is a 'Patient Leader'?

By Haley Quinn - July 28, 2021

We all have physical and mental health. Which means at some point in our lives, we’ve probably found ourselves in a doctor’s office waiting for…

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Patient Leader Network

Health Equity For All: Why it Matters & How to Take Action

By Kristen Long - June 30, 2021

As patient leaders, it’s impossible to represent our communities without understanding and promoting health equity for all members. Ensuring that every patient has the chance…

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