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WEGO Health Influencer Series: Macro-Influencers

By Kayla Nelson - November 20, 2019

Influencer marketing has taken the marketing world by storm and the concept is gaining steady traction in the healthcare industry. Life sciences companies are no…

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From Petri Dish to Center Stage: Patient leaders are in the spotlight at HLTH

By Jack Barrette - September 26, 2019

“It’s time.” It was a spot-on comment. One of many I took away from my conversation with Toby Peach when we met up recently in…

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WEGO Health Influencer Series: Micro-Influencers

By Kayla Nelson - August 20, 2019

The influencer marketing industry is experiencing extreme growth, jumping from a $1.7 billion in 2016 to an expected $6.5 billion this year. The healthcare industry…

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What Healthcare Can Learn from Beauty Brands About Influencer Marketing: An Interview with WEGO Health’s Shannon Meskouris

By Kayla Nelson - July 2, 2019

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the WEGO Health arsenal. Connecting patient influencers with life sciences companies can drive impressive results, not just in…

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WEGO Health Survey: Patient Leaders are Solidly Behind Drug Price Transparency

By David Goldsmith - June 3, 2019

With consumers feeling the pinch of healthcare costs more intensely than ever, the debate over cost transparency is only getting more heated. Nobody is feeling…

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It's Time to Make a Bigger Dent

By Jack Barrette - May 30, 2019

Every company reinvents itself. Sometimes it's skin-deep, like rolling out a new logo or a bolder mission statement. Other times, it fundamentally changes how a…

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Patient Influencer Perspectives on Social Media

By Kayla Nelson - May 13, 2019

The 100,000+ patients who make up the WEGO Health Patient Leader Network are at the core of everything we do. We believe they are transforming…

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