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a woman looking burnt-out with squiggle lines above her head to show anxiety and stress

What Does Advocacy Burnout Look Like for You?

Burnout can be defined as a state of prolonged physical or mental stress. Its symptoms can include exhaustion, depression, anxiety, lack of joy doing activities that you previously enjoyed, and just a general feeling of "I need a break!" Patient Leaders like you work hard each and every day, advocating for your own health and…
Social health connexion, a laptop showing hands shaking, a notepad, and a woman speaking into a mircrophone

What Is Connexion?

Social Health Connexion, often referred to as Connexion, is Health Union’s annual conference for Health Leaders. Social Health Connexion will provide education, resources, and connection to help support and impact Health Leaders so they can learn and grow! We also announce and honor the winners of the Social Health Awards, where Health Union recognizes and…
a laptop screen showing a tiktok event replay video

REPLAY: How To Use TikTok to Further Your Advocacy

TikTok allows its users to create short videos that are captivating, creative, and authentic. With over 14 million daily users, it has become a rapidly growing space for Patient Leaders hoping to share their chronic or terminal illness journey. On TikTok, Patient Leaders can create content about their experience, connect with others, and raise their…
a laptop showing a recap video of the caregiver panel event

REPLAY: Caregiver Panel

In honor of National Family Caregivers Month in November, the Social Health Network hosted a panel to hear from community members Richard Faust, Auldyn Matthews, and Frances McInerney about their experiences caring for loved ones. If you are a health leader who has been a caregiver, or you're currently caring for a loved one, we…

Social Health Awards: The Mutual Value and Impact for Patients and Industry

The Social Health Awards is the only awards program judged by patients and industry alike that recognizes health leaders for their hard work and dedication to drive meaningful connections and conversations through social health - across almost all condition areas and social platforms. Thousands of nominations are submitted annually across 10 award categories and, for…
a hand holding a phone with the screen showing a video on a medical gaslighting panel

Let’s Talk Medical Gaslighting: A Panel Discussion

The term "medical gaslighting" describes patients' experiences of having their symptoms dismissed as insignificant or labeled as being “all in their head” by healthcare providers. In this replay session, we aim to not only learn about medical gaslighting but also identify examples in our own lives when we have been gaslighted. We hear from Patient…
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