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The Biggest Misunderstandings About Health Advocacy

Choosing to become an advocate means sharing a health journey. To educate others, advocates share personal details about their health. They become vulnerable to help others on similar journeys. Unfortunately, misconceptions about the role and purpose of advocacy abound. Friends, loved ones, and even strangers often make insensitive comments that show their lack of understanding.…
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People and Tools That Have Helped Us With Our Advocacy Journeys

Behind advocates are people and resources that help them thrive. Family members or friends, apps or tools, each person’s supports are unique. The Social Health Network’s Facebook group recently asked 2 questions: “If you could give one person an award for their help in your advocacy journey – whether that be a healthcare provider, your…

The Cycle of Advocacy

At the Social Health Network, our job is to help support you as you grow from a patient or caregiver to a powerhouse in the community. We want to give you the tools to: Use your voice to make the needs of your community known Support or oppose legislation that empowers or endangers patients Organize…
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Meet the 2023 Social Health Awards Finalists

We’re excited to announce our 2023 Social Health Awards finalists! It's been an incredible experience for our judges (and our team) to get to know our Health Leaders better through their advocacy. Living with (or caring for a loved one) with a chronic or terminal illness can feel overwhelming at times but coming together to…
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Social Health Network Features and Benefits

Supporting our Health Leaders is the sole focus of the Social Health Network (SHN). As a Health Union community, we welcome patients, caregivers, and HCPs from all condition areas to bring empathy, support, and humanity to healthcare through the power of social health. How do we do this? We have numerous resources, events, and opportunities…
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Expanding Your Value as a Patient Key Opinion Leader

As a Patient Leader, you've answered the call to help other patients and caregivers in your community. Day in and day out, you're entrenched in your community's conversation. By sharing your own story and interacting with others, you've become a trusted source. So others come to you for help, information, and advice. Because you're so…
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