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Impact of Social Health and Community on Living With Chronic Illness

Social health communities positively impact life with chronic illness. Connecting with others and sharing stories is powerful. You share triumphs and challenges. It changes how you feel about your condition. We recently asked members of the Social Health Network, “What impact has social health/social media/community had on you?” You shared the significant influence social health…
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Getting A Campaign: Tip Sheet

Interested in being part of a paid influencer campaign with the Social Health Network? We’re looking for patient leaders like you to represent your community in upcoming social media campaigns. Here are some tips on being chosen for an opportunity: You must currently reside in the United States You must be 18 years of age…
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Patient Leadership Council: 2023 Goals

Each year, we have our Social Health Award winners join a small group of carefully selected Health Leaders to give feedback on Health Union projects, called the Patient Leadership Council (PLC). We work together at meetings throughout the year, getting to know each other and generating ideas together. At the end of our year together,…
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Our Health Leaders’ Proudest Moments From 2022

The end of the year is often a time for reflection. Many moments make up those 365 days. We asked patient leaders to think about the last year. On the Social Health Network Facebook page, we asked, “In terms of advocacy, what are you most proud of this year?” Patient leaders made many strides in…
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Reshare: Why You Should Be Open With Your Crohn’s Diagnosis

Elizabeth Alvarez was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2011. She was 21 years old and endured many years of suffering...Elizabeth wants nothing more than to share her story, knowledge and special tips she has learned over the 7 years of living with Crohn’s. Her blog shares amazing information and encouraging words to those dealing…
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Reshare: Exploring Blogging as a Newly Diagnosed Patient

April Stearns was diagnosed at 35 years old with stage 3 breast cancer that she found while breastfeeding her daughter. Four years later, while struggling to “go back to normal” and find other women in similar circumstances, April launched Wildfire Magazine. Now she enjoys not only publishing the stories of those “too young for breast…
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