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Revealing the Power of Digital Health: An ePharma 2017 Recap

The standard of healthcare in this day and age has been raised. Patients are no longer waiting for change to occur. We have become drivers of our own care.

Meanwhile, there has been immense growth in the wide world of healthcare social media. Physicians are taking to the interwebs to share insights amongst one another. Hospitals are collaborating with health organizations to help provide credible information online. Patients have become influencers, using their health experiences and expertise to shift old-fashioned views and co-design new care models that are in alignment with their utmost needs. But where does Pharma fit in this new digital age of healthcare?

This year at ePharma 2017, an annual conference where global leaders in digital and pharmaceutical marketing come together to develop innovative strategies in healthcare, the main theme focused primarily on various perspectives showcasing connected health aiming to center patient-centric care during its three-day event.


March #WEGOHealthChat recap: Challenges in Building Online Communities

In case you missed our March #WEGOHealthChat, we’ve got this awesome recap for you!

In this Twitter chat hosted by Barby Ingle (@powerofpain), founder of the International Pain Foundation, we discuss the challenges in building online health communities and some strategies for making them more successful!

Don’t miss our monthly twitter chats on the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm ET. Just use the hashtag #WEGOHealthChat to join in!

Click HERE to see the full chat!

It’s time to flip the patient – and WEGO Health. Meet WEGO Health Experts.

Today, almost exactly 10 years since founding WEGO Health, we are launching a bold new platform called WEGO Health Experts. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers companies face when trying to find patient leaders with the time, skills and expertise to consult on health-related projects.

With today’s roll-out, we will soon bring thousands of highly skilled and passionate patient experts into the sharing economy and connect the health care industry to a massive, untapped workforce.

We’re doing it by flipping the patient.

With a hat tip to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Flip the Clinic experiment, WEGO Health Experts will reset how healthcare views patient leaders. For decades now, the healthcare industry has looked at patients – including patient leaders – as guest speakers, as test subjects, as numbers in a cohort. But at the end of the day, they have been defined by their illness.

What if we flip the patient and see them not just as subjects to be prodded and probed, but as professional peers?


WEBINAR RECAP: The Epilepsy Life: Taking Control

Are you a patient or caregiver of someone experiencing seizures? Whitney Petit, a patient leader of the Epilepsy community, is offering tips & insights on taking back control of your life. Learn how to identify possible triggers & what kinds of self-care can prevent future seizures. Whitney will offer her personal tips and the right questions you should be asking your doctor.



  • Are you considering the possible triggers around you? Whitney found she was affected by apples and grapes, common seizure triggers found in cats and dogs!
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Whitney suggests tracking your sleep activity with a FitBit to help you identify any connections between sleep patterns and seizures.
  • Do you like your doctor? Whitney reminds us you must find the right fit. Just because everyone you know loves your doctor doesn’t mean you need to love them! Be your own advocate and take control to find a doctor you feel confident with.


Whitney is a long time Patient Leader and Blogger in the Epilepsy community. She uses her journey with epilepsy to help and motivate others to practice self-care, better navigate the world of healthcare and live a fulfilled life with any chronic illness. There is life beyond the diagnosis.

Be sure to check out her website, & Social Networks: Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook.

Health Activist How To: In Person Events Part 1

Every day, it seems there are more in person events for Health Activists and their communities. Whether it’s a conference, an awareness event, a tweet-up, a networking event, or something in our Speakers Bureau Program – there are so many important offline events to attend. By getting involved, it’ll help solidify your identity as an advocate and really uncover new ways for you to take your efforts to an elevated, professional level. You never know the opportunities that may arise from networking events – which is why it’s so important to get the most out of them.


For some (like WEGO Health’s own Bob Brooks), public speaking and socializing come naturally. But for others, planning ahead could mean the difference between being too nervous to go and being prepared to attend and having an amazing, valuable time. So, in conjunction with Bob, we’ve created a video to help Health Activists get ready to make the most of these offline, in person events.


In this first video, Bob delves into the philosophy behind in person events and what you should expect and prepare ahead of time. A gifted speaker (and, if you’ve met him – a really skilled socializer), Bob has some great tips for you to consider. Even if Health Activism isn’t your full-time job, there are some job-related networking techniques that will be helpful for taking your awesome online personality face-to-face. In line with our Working and Health Activism month, this video is a great way for Bob to share what he does every day for work and how it can really influence others’ Health Activism.


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