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Welcome to the WEGO Health blog! Here you’ll find a collection of posts with resources, tips, activities, and ideas to inspire your journey as a Patient Leader. Whether you’re curious about health social media or already run your own health community – there is something for everyone!

Your advice to new Patient Leaders

WEGO Health is committed to amplifying the Patient Leader voice and it all starts with the first time a patient or caregiver shares their initial blog post, tweet or picture on Instagram. As Patient Leaders ourselves, Julie (WEGO Health Patient Leader Network Director), and I know that starting out on your advocacy journey can be daunting and intimidating. We want to make sure you have all the resources and support you need to get going.

Looking for tips on how to get started? We created this guide to being a patient leader and this webinar about how to start your own blog.



Presenting The 2017 WEGO Health Award Winners

Every year we receive more and more deserving Patient Leader nominations in the WEGO Health Awards. This year we had almost 2,500 nominations and close to 30,000 endorsements! A huge thank you to all of the judges that helped comb through these fantastic nominees to award our 16 WEGO Health Award Winners this year.


The Health Innovation Hyperloop Is Here: FDA, Freelance Experts, and Fab Labs

For those who are weary of reading, and writing, about healthcare’s glacial pace of innovation, 2017 is delivering a bolus shot of hope and excitement.


The Big Bang

While you’ve heard of the Big Bang Theory, what you probably haven’t heard of is 2017’s big bang; after so many decades of “someday,” the age of healthcare innovation is finally here. Having stealthily crept toward the spotlight after the quicksand of Y2K, the pace of 21st-century health innovation has hit its stride this year. With apologies to Elon Musk, health innovation is about to go a hell of a lot faster.

Imagine a digital health inventor-penned, app-supported, smartphone device that predicts epileptic seizures with startling accuracy. Let’s examine two scenarios: (more…)

Announcing The 6th Annual WEGO Health Awards Finalists

Each year we’re blown away by the inspiration, motivation, and talent of the WEGO Health Awards nominees. And we have to say, this year is no different. Just ask our judges! This year’s nominees are so tremendous, selecting just 16 winners has proven to be a challenge.

A HUGE thank you to the 150+ WEGO Health Patient Leader judges who helped judge the 2 semi-final rounds which selected the final 2 nominees for each category.


How We Can Expect Healthcare to Change in 2018

We hear news stories daily about how the landscape of healthcare might be changing, but these words leave much to question. What changes will stick? And what can we expect from the year to come?

News outlets are reporting that more insurers will drop out of the marketplace for 2018 and the ones that remain will likely increase their rates. Amidst this Obamacare uncertainty, the world continues to change. We can expect changes in healthcare marketing, technology, pharmaceuticals and more.


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