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How Patient Advocates can make the most of Awareness Holidays

Raising awareness about a disease or health concern can be an excellent means to foster an appreciation for patients and families, encourage donations to research, or even education about preventative measures. Awareness holidays offer major opportunities to get the word out about a specific disease or overall community. Patient advocates can take advantage of this larger platform to share their personal stories and have an even greater impact on the communities they represent. Below are a few tips on how to prepare for and capitalize on awareness holidays!


Revealing the Power of Digital Health: An ePharma 2017 Recap

The standard of healthcare in this day and age has been raised. Patients are no longer waiting for change to occur. We have become drivers of our own care.

Meanwhile, there has been immense growth in the wide world of healthcare social media. Physicians are taking to the interwebs to share insights amongst one another. Hospitals are collaborating with health organizations to help provide credible information online. Patients have become influencers, using their health experiences and expertise to shift old-fashioned views and co-design new care models that are in alignment with their utmost needs. But where does Pharma fit in this new digital age of healthcare?

This year at ePharma 2017, an annual conference where global leaders in digital and pharmaceutical marketing come together to develop innovative strategies in healthcare, the main theme focused primarily on various perspectives showcasing connected health aiming to center patient-centric care during its three-day event.


6th Annual WEGO Health Awards Schedule of Events

Now that we have the best of the best in patient advocacy nominated for the 6th Annual WEGO Health Awards, it’s time for the voting to commence!

We’re proud to announce we’ve received close to 2,500 nominations and almost 30,000 endorsements this WEGO Health Award’s season. We’re blown away by the work of these tremendous patient leaders. The nominees have inspired us all here at WEGO Health and, once again, reminded us why we do what we do.


Webinar Replay: Freelance Consultants & the Gig Economy: Tips to Optimize Success

When it comes to your health, we believe you are the Expert. We also believe healthcare has a lot to learn from you as the patient. Which is why we introduced, WEGO Health Experts.

At its core, WEGO Health Experts brings the “sharing economy” to health care.  The Experts platform is designed to showcase your professional strengths and patient expertise as a blended skillset, delivering unique value to clients!

So if you are ready to start getting paid for the value you can provide the industry, join us, along with consultants and clients from WEGO Health Experts, as we dive into strategies and tips to:

– Optimize your success as a healthcare freelance consultant in today’s gig economy
– Submit successful proposals
– Conduct business and interact with clients effectively
– Maximize your potential using the Experts platform
– Much more

Presented by WEGO Health’s Kym Martin, VP of Client & Talent Strategy, and Julie Cerrone, Patient Leader Network Director, this in-depth webinar will set you up to soar.

Kym is a nationally-recognized patient Expert, speaker and leader named as one of 15 Disruptive Women to Watch in 2015. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, melanoma (2x!) and breast cancer, Kym leverages 30+ years of cancer survivorship expertise, 20+ years of wellness practice and 10+ years of business development success to advance innovative solutions to benefit patients, caregivers and healthcare stakeholders. Kym leads efforts to ensure the WEGO Health Experts digital platform is the “go-to” DIY solution for healthcare clients to recruit, hire and strategically collaborate with outstanding patient and caregiver Experts on an array of freelance consulting projects. Kym is a proud member of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare. Off hours, she enjoys family fun, fitness, golf and honing her craft as a voice over artist.

Patient Leader Creative Boosts Engagement in Social Media Campaigns [case study]

You know your morning social media drill; you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, sharing funny videos, commenting on your aunt’s post—this is nothing new. However, there is also an audience using social media in a different way. These users are looking for condition-specific information being shared regarding clinical trials, new treatment options, resources to make treatment journeys less challenging, and coping mechanism tips – and they don’t have to look far for it.


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