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WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders. We are the world’s largest network of patient leaders, working across virtually all health conditions and topics.

Posts by WEGO Health:

Value of Patient Leader Content

The Value of Patient Leader Content [case study]

Regardless of where patients are in their treatment journeys, whether newly diagnosed or years into their diagnosis, they will most likely research condition-specific resources and information on new treatment options. More specifically, we found that Patient Leaders within the WEGO Health patient network are actively looking for these resources to share with their communities to help…

#WEGOHealthChat Recap: What’s the fix?

In case you missed our June #WEGOHealthChat, we’ve got this awesome recap for you! In this Twitter chat, we changed it up a bit and partnered with HealthSparq to get everyone talking about healthcare. We invited four Patient Leaders to help us co-host the chat and using the hashtags #WhatTheHealthCare and #WTFix we asked everyone…

#WEGOHealthAwards Winners Series Podcast: Jessica Gimeno

Some people would say all superheroes can fly, however, here at WEGO Health- we don't believe the cape says it all. Day in and day out, we see thousands of incredible patient leaders- striving for change, pushing the limits and stepping into the action to change healthcare for the better. The #WEGOHealthAwards Winners Series podcast had…
Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Effective Patient Influencers

Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Effective Patient Influencers

Influencer Marketing – now there’s a term that wasn’t around “back in the day” when many were just starting out. So, what exactly is Influencer Marketing? As seen on Huffington Post, Influencer Marketing “is simply the action of promoting and selling products or services through people (influencers) who have the capacity to have an effect…

My Story, My Journey

Every year more and more patients are stepping out and sharing their story with the world. These newbies deserve to be recognized for their courage and inspiration. Help us give these new Patient Leaders, just like Cindy, the encouragement they need to keep putting in the hard work. Nominate them for the WEGO Health "Rookie…

#WhatTheHealthCare Moments and your #WTFix for healthcare

Have you ever experienced a #WhatTheHeathcare moment on your patient journey? We've teamed up with HealthSparq for the What's The Fix conference to brainstorm ways that we can fix healthcare together! Joined by the following Patient Leaders, our June 2017 #WEGOHealthChat focused on discussing #WhatTheHealthCare moments and highlighting how our network has circumvented the system…

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