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About: Sue Daum

Sue Daum
From volunteering with a foundation that provides funds for cancer research, to working in a doctor’s office, to working for many years in pharma, and now with WEGO Health, Sue has spent the better part of her adult life in an industry for which she has a passion. As Customer Engagement Manager with WEGO Health, Sue connects with our network of Patient Leaders to bring the voice of the patient to our partners in the healthcare industry. When she’s not working (alongside her trusty feline sidekick, Tana), Sue enjoys reading, writing, photography, and getting on the mic at the occasional Karaoke outing.

Posts by Sue Daum:

Patient Leader Creative Boosts Engagement in Social Media Campaigns [case study]

You know your morning social media drill; you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, sharing funny videos, commenting on your aunt’s post—this is nothing new. However, there is also an audience using social media in a different way. These users are looking for condition-specific information being shared regarding clinical trials, new treatment options, resources to make treatment…

Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Reaching Your Target Audience

Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: We described it in our recent post, “Influencer Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Effective Patient Influencers.” In that post, we also shared some attributes to look for in an effective Patient Influencer. Now, let’s discuss identification of the target audience and the methods used to reach that audience.   Who Is Your Target…

Peer power: Now is the time for healthcare to tap the sharing economy

When Robin Chase co-founded Zipcar in 2000, she saw an opportunity to turn a “world of scarcity” into a world of abundance. Her vision was simple: Make renting a car as easy and convenient as getting cash from an ATM. In her book, Peers Inc, Chase describes the sharing economy as a historic opportunity to…
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