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Patient Leader Creative Boosts Engagement in Social Media Campaigns [case study]

You know your morning social media drill; you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, sharing funny videos, commenting on your aunt’s post—this is nothing new. However, there is also an audience using social media in a different way. These users are looking for condition-specific information being shared regarding clinical trials, new treatment options, resources to make treatment journeys less challenging, and coping mechanism tips – and they don’t have to look far for it.


Using My Patient Journey with Crohn’s Disease to Influence Healthcare

My Patient Journey

As a woman who has battled Crohn’s disease for nearly 12 years and as a new mom, navigating my “new normal” is daunting.

It’s a realm of new experiences, joys, and struggles. The worry of when the next flare-up will strike and how I’ll deal with it when I end up in the hospital and need to be away from my son, Reid, are all a part of my patient journey. Aside from all of this, another part of my patient journey is having the ability to contribute to my family’s financial health, while staying home with my son.

In the weeks leading up to Reid’s delivery, I came across WEGO Health’s Experts platform.

I don’t believe in happenstance.

I was immediately intrigued and inspired and filled out an application. WEGO Health Experts would provide me with endless consulting opportunities, from the comfort of my home. Best of all, I would be able to use my patient journey – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to drive social change, improve advocacy efforts, and provide a unique expertise.


Point of View: Patient Advocates vs Patient Experts

A lot of different terms are thrown around for patients and caregivers as they take control of their healthcare journeys and become more empowered throughout their online health communities. While WEGO Health works with a network of “Patient Leaders,” this blanket phrase encompasses various levels of engagement and exposure, most notably Patient Advocates and Patient Experts. While one can certainly be the other, there are several key defining factors that separate the two.


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