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About: Sue Daum

Sue Daum
From volunteering with a foundation that provides funds for cancer research, to working in a doctor’s office, to working for many years in pharma, and now with WEGO Health, Sue has spent the better part of her adult life in an industry for which she has a passion. As Customer Engagement Manager with WEGO Health, Sue connects with our network of Patient Leaders to bring the voice of the patient to our partners in the healthcare industry. When she’s not working (alongside her trusty feline sidekick, Tana), Sue enjoys reading, writing, photography, and getting on the mic at the occasional Karaoke outing.

Posts by Sue Daum:

designing patient research to ensure quality results

Designing Patient Research to Ensure Quality Results

So, you have been tasked with the creation of a new online ad campaign that is geared toward patients within a given medical condition area. Where do you start? You don’t want your ads to become lost in the vast sea of pharma content. But how do you determine what will resonate with your target…

In The News: The Rise of Patient Experts in Healthcare Innovation

Recently, our own Jack Barrette sat down virtually with Neil Hughes, creator and host of Tech Blog Writer podcast. Based in UK, Neil discusses issues surrounding technology and the effect it can have on our lives. His podcast features interviews with business leaders from diverse industries all over the globe. Now he discusses the rise…

Patient Choice Award Winners: Improving the Patient Experience

World Congress and WEGO Health teamed up recently during the Life Sciences Patient Congress to present the Patient Choice Awards. These awards recognize pharma organizations, collaborations, and programs that place a focus on the patient. They spotlight the true game changers, those who realize that each patient experience throughout the entire patient journey is of paramount…

The ROI of Social Media in Healthcare: 10 Benefits

Social media can be a murky area of marketing for many businesses. It can be difficult to see what kind of impact it’s having. And, it can be difficult to know what metrics to measure to see if a social media campaign is working. In healthcare, this can be even more confusing.   Despite the challenges,…

5 Top Facebook Patient Leaders to Watch in 2018

Check this out... Facebook among online patient communities really IS a big deal. Patient communities aside, let's first check out these Facebook stats: Every month, there are an estimated 1.39 billion active users on Facebook who spend on average 40 minutes a day on the site. Your siblings, college friends, and even grandparents are now…

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing – Consider These Factors

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing - what is it? The fine folks at SAS state that Digital Marketing is "the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.” Add to it a focus on pharmaceuticals and we now have Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing. Digital marketing has proven to be a real game changer for…
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