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2018 WEGO Health Awards Best in Show: Blog

Ronny Allan was diagnosed with incurable Metastatic Neuroendocrine Cancer in July 2010 after presenting with weight loss, symptoms of iron deficiency and facial flushing (Carcinoid Syndrome). He is an internationally known advocate for Neuroendocrine Cancer using his 'Patients Included' accredited blog site to spread awareness about this unusual, less common and complex disease. Ronny wants to inspire his community by putting a positive spin on life whilst retaining an element of both sympathy and empathy. He is very passionate about moving Neuroendocrine Cancer into mainstream knowledge circles by finding brand new audiences.

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10 Tips for Setting Up a Blog and Reaching 1 Million Hits

I set my blog up in 2014 purely to help fundraise for a charity walk along 2000-year-old World Heritage site of Hadrian’s Wall. But it also gave me a platform to tell my story - awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer was also a listed aim of the adventure. In the beginning, I had to rely on…
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