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Richelle Horn
Richelle is a strategic marketing professional with over a decade of healthcare marketing experience. She is passionate about bridging the gap between industry and patient and fuels that passion leading the marketing team at WEGO Health.

Posts by richelle.horn@wegohealth.com:

The Role of Social Media in Healthcare: Three Takeaways for Today’s Pharma Marketer

In 2021, social media is a labyrinth of channels, styles, and content curators that is enough to make any marketer’s head spin. Couple that with the regulatory and legal requirements that pharma marketers face and it can feel like a real landmine. The pharma industry has come a long way on social media, from the…

The Road Ahead: 2020 Lessons and 2021 Predictions

We entered 2020 with our predictions and plans, never imagining that a global pandemic would change everything within a few short months. It led us down a road on an unexpected journey, challenging the healthcare system, the pharmaceutical industry, and humanity beyond measure. After what the world experienced this past year, it feels bullish to…
Pharma Influencer Marketing: Making the Case

Pharma Influencer Marketing: Making the Case

Every day, more pharmaceutical brands are hoping to see the same outsized business results that other industries have found in influencer marketing – but pharma faces challenges far different from any other industry. How can pharma brands share control with influencers to build patient trust and engagement? How does trust translate to ROI? In our…
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