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About: Kristen

Kristen Long


Kristen Long is the Patient Leader Network Coordinator at WEGO Health. Her own health experiences have inspired her to empower other patients and encourage the power of patient advocacy. Check out her blog and follow Kristen on Twitter and Facebook.

Posts by Kristen:

Announcing the 2018 WEGO Health Awards

It's that time of the year again- time to celebrate the online health community! Here at WEGO Health, we think Patient Leaders are the future of healthcare. We believe that by collaborating with Patient Leaders, listening to their insights and learning from their experience, we can truly help solve some of healthcare's biggest challenges. Which…

#PatientLeader Webinar: Platform Power Tips for Patient Leaders- Instagram

If you think that Instagram is just for sharing selfies and pictures of cute puppies, you’ve got another thing coming! More than ever, Patient Leaders are taking the platform by storm and amplifying the patient voice through InstaStories, Hashtags and intriguing pictures. Join us for this #PatientLeader webinar as we sit down with 3 Patient…

#PatientLeader Webinar: Chronically Capable: Managing Chronic Illness Chaos At Work

Owning your own business, executing consulting work, or working as an employee with a chronic illness can get chaotic. But it's important that you know that you’re more than capable of keeping your career on track. In this #PatientLeader webinar, we’ll speak with patient advocate and author of the book Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible…

Patient Leader Webinar: Top Tips for Landing WEGO Health Experts Engagements

You’ve recently joined WEGO Health Experts and have flawlessly crafted your profile. You’re excited and ready to help change healthcare, but you’re unsure of how to stand out from the crowd when responding to engagements. Join the WEGO Health team as we offer our top tips for browsing engagements, setting up notifications for gigs in…

WEGO Health Tips: 6 Steps for Recruiting Other Patients

The rise of social media and online connectivity is making co-collaboration across the healthcare industry easier than ever. Whether it's recruiting patients in a specific condition area for insights work or completing a mass survey, healthcare companies are looking to Patient Leaders for help in gaining deeper engagement and insights of patients and consumers.  What's In…

WEGO Heath Experts: Creating A Successful Experts Profile

Successful profiles showcase your professional strengths and patient expertise to sell your value to clients. Complete, compelling and clear profiles make a great first impression! We’ve designed the Expert profile so it’s easy to highlight your specific areas of expertise, your top skills and the roles you’ve played in health care (and other industries). It…

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