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About: kristen.long@wegohealth.com

Kristen Long
Kristen Long is the Associate Director of the WEGO Health Network, a mental health patient advocate, a yoga teacher and a Body Project facilitator. Her own health experiences have ignited a passion for bridging the gap in healthcare.

She loves exploring the great outdoors and considers herself a nervous system fanatic. She's passionate about introducing somatic experience to those struggling with trauma, PTSD and anxiety.

Posts by kristen.long@wegohealth.com:

World Rare Disease Day Patient Panel

In honor of World Rare Disease Day, the Patient Leader Network sat down with fellow rare disease patient leaders Jenica Leah, Meridith O’Connor, and Jessica Hanson to discuss the importance of resiliency, managing your own care, story sharing, and raising awareness to support the rare disease community. [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/pNpssoeq9sc" width="800" height="560"] Key Takeaways We had…

Year in Review: Reflection & Goal Setting for Patient Leaders

The countdown to 2022 is on, but before we head into the new year, let's pause to reflect on our advocacy this past year. After all, the only way to improve is to take all your victories and battles as valuable learning lessons. In this patient leader workshop, we’ll hear from top patient leaders and…

Navigating the Holidays While Living with Chronic Illness

As the cold sets in, darkness falls, and the busy holiday season commences, many people feel vulnerable. Those of us living with chronic conditions may feel especially so. Grief for what and who have been lost arises, commercialization overwhelms, and our physical bodies need more care than ever. How can we navigate this season as…

Be Heard: The Power of Social Audio For Advocacy

Have you heard of - or tried - Clubhouse, Facebook's Live Audio or Twitter Spaces? Do you know how to best use them to make the most of your time? Do you also know that they're a PERFECT fit for you specifically, as a member of the Patient Leader Network? In this patient leader webinar,…

Workshop: Getting Your Health Writing Published

Do you want to see your writing in magazines? Would you like to receive a check for what you write? If your goal is to share your patient leader lessons and get paid for them, this is the workshop for you. In this webinar replay, patient leader and freelance writer Rebecca Chamaa and writing instructor…

Health Equity For All: Why it Matters & How to Take Action

As patient leaders, it’s impossible to represent our communities without understanding and promoting health equity for all members. Ensuring that every patient has the chance to access and receive the care, support, and resources they need to navigate their health is an essential part of patient advocacy. While Minority Health Month may have been in…
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