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About: Kayla Nelson

Kayla Nelson
Kayla is a writer, marketer, and consultant whose work is often informed by her experiences as a patient. As someone living with MS for over a decade, she finds it particularly meaningful to help healthcare companies improve the patient experience.

Posts by Kayla Nelson:

50 Social Media Healthcare Statistics to Watch

Every healthcare company should be taking notice of social media trends. It’s true that social media is a rapidly evolving landscape, but all signs point to its continued dominance over traditional media when it comes to reaching targeted audiences. Ad spending on social media has grown exponentially over the last several years, but healthcare companies…

Emotional Marketing in Healthcare: How are You Using It?

Healthcare is rooted in science. As such, it is an industry that relies on rationality and evidence. Data and statistics are vital for developing drugs, for treating patients, and even for successful marketing. That said, for the healthcare consumer, the rational, evidence-based facts are often secondary. Health is a topic rife with emotion. Often, this…

Patient Power: Tapping the Most Unused Resource in Healthcare

In 2015, NHS Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said there was an "inescapable, irreversible shift to patient power that is about to change the face of modern medicine beyond recognition." He was right that the role of technology and the increased engagement of empowered patients is changing healthcare. Despite this, some healthcare companies still seem resistant…

7 Examples of Empathy: Healthcare Companies to Model

It should be clear that empathy in healthcare provides tangible benefits. Every healthcare company needs to carefully consider empathy and how to make sure they are using it to their advantage. But how? Here are seven examples of empathy that illustrate how healthcare companies are using empathy as an integral tool for driving business success.…

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