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About: Kayla Nelson

Kayla Nelson
Kayla is a writer, marketer, and consultant whose work is often informed by her experiences as a patient. As someone living with MS for over a decade, she finds it particularly meaningful to help healthcare companies improve the patient experience.

Posts by Kayla Nelson:

Social POV: Twitter for Patient Engagement

Since joining the social media landscape in 2006, Twitter has quickly become a ubiquitous part of our popular culture. Although it may be best known for witty one-liners, political arguments, and real-time breaking news, Twitter is surprisingly fertile ground for patient engagement. What is Twitter Used For? Each day, 500 million tweets are sent from…

In The News: The Patient-Collaborator Movement Hits Pharma

Some players in the life science industry have seen certain patient groups as antagonists in the past but the tide is turning. Our founder and CEO, Jack Barrette, recently spoke with MedCityNews about the movement to recast patients as collaborators. This idea has long been at the heart of the WEGO Health mission, but Jack…

Social POV: Facebook for Patient Engagement

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has quickly become the most ubiquitous social media platform. From its early days of connecting students on college campuses, Facebook honed its connection-making skills to become one of the easiest ways for people to connect online. In the past few years, it has become apparent that Facebook offers particular…

In the News: Online Health Communities After Cambridge Analytica

Before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook seemed to be on an endlessly upward trajectory. One of the platform’s biggest strengths had become group functionality. Over 100 million people are members of groups on the social media platform. These groups have grown to be especially meaningful for patients. Following news of the major data breach, Facebook…

In the News: Four Ways Crowdsourcing Drives Healthcare Innovation

At WEGO Health, we see healthcare innovation happening every day. Our Chief Strategy Officer, David Goldsmith, recently wrote a piece for Forbes highlighting some of the specific ways that crowdsourcing drives healthcare innovation. Crowdsourcing has been around in one way or another for quite some time but advances in technology have made it a much…

In the News: Harlow On Healthcare Discusses Patient-Centered Solutions with David Goldsmith

On the Harlow on Healthcare radio show and podcast, host David Harlow chats with healthcare innovation leaders. Earlier this summer, David Goldsmith was his featured guest. Speaking about David’s role as Chief Strategy Officer at WEGO Health, the two Davids discuss the specific ways WEGO Health is helping to connect life sciences companies with patient…

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