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About: Kayla Nelson

Kayla Nelson
Kayla is a writer, marketer, and consultant whose work is often informed by her experiences as a patient. As someone living with MS for over a decade, she finds it particularly meaningful to help healthcare companies improve the patient experience.

Posts by Kayla Nelson:

Social POV: YouTube for Patient Engagement

YouTube entered the social media landscape in 2005 and quickly changed how we consume video. With over one billion users in 91 countries watching one billion hours of content daily, the reach of YouTube is in a league of its own. While most of us think of YouTube as a video-sharing platform, it is also…

3 Ways to Authentically Engage Patients on Facebook

If you want to engage patients, you need to know where to find them. While there are thousands of thriving patient communities online, Facebook is still the largest single gathering place. But knowing where patients are is only half the challenge. Engagement is the bigger issue. Here are three ways to more effectively connect with…

Making A Difference: An Interview with WEGO Health’s Richelle Horn

Every day at WEGO Health we get to see the transformative alchemy that occurs when life sciences companies collaborate with patient influencers. Our Client Services Director, Richelle Horn, plays a key role in making this magic happen. She works to connect pharma brand marketers with patient influencers who have firsthand experience with their products and…

6 Facebook Live Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

Facebook Live launched in 2016 and quickly changed the social media landscape. Livestreaming on the platform has seen massive growth each year. According to Facebook, nearly 2 billion people have watched a live broadcast, and engagement levels are 6 times higher on live video than with traditional video content. For brands, Facebook Live offers an…

Choosing Micro-Influencers Who Can Build Brand Trust

Securing consumer trust is a big goal for most brands, but for pharma that can be an elusive hurdle. In fact, a 2016 Harris Poll found that only 9% of U.S. consumers surveyed believe "pharmaceutical and biotech companies put patients over profits." Our Chief Strategy Officer, David Goldsmith, shares with Forbes some ideas for how…

7 Ways to Engage Patients on Instagram

Instagram has seen steady growth since it launched, and with a billion monthly active users posting 95 million pictures and videos daily, it shows no signs of slowing down. The visual app stands out for offering the highest engagement rates of any social network. Patients are particularly active on Instagram, but life sciences companies are…

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