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About: Jackie

Jackie Zimmerman is the Patient Leader Network Manager for WEGO Health. She is also an ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis patient and the founder of Girls With Guts. Jackie has been blogging and advocating for over 10 years.  You can find Jackie on Twitter and Facebook.

Posts by Jackie:

Your advice to new Patient Leaders

WEGO Health is committed to amplifying the Patient Leader voice and it all starts with the first time a patient or caregiver shares their initial blog post, tweet or picture on Instagram. As Patient Leaders ourselves, Julie (WEGO Health Patient Leader Network Director), and I know that starting out on your advocacy journey can be…

How Patient Advocates can make the most of Awareness Holidays

Raising awareness about a disease or health concern can be an excellent means to foster an appreciation for patients and families, encourage donations to research, or even education about preventative measures. Awareness holidays offer major opportunities to get the word out about a specific disease or overall community. Patient advocates can take advantage of this…

Starting a Blog 101

One of the most important tools for a patient leader is having their own website or blog. For many patient leaders, their website/blog are one in the same. This is the place where they share their story, the place where they connect with other patients and caregivers, and keep the world updated with the advocacy…

Announcing the 2016-2017 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board

We are very proud to announce the first WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board. The Patient Leaders below were hand-picked by the WEGO Health team to act as advisors for us over the next year on various projects, ideas and insights.  We could not be more excited to see what the next year holds and…
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