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About: Jack

Jack Barrette
WEGO Health was created by Jack Barrette, a former Yahoo! executive focused on lifestyles, health and medicine. At Yahoo!, and throughout his career in healthcare, Jack has seen millions of people struggle to find credible, useful health information online. WEGO Health was born as a result of these experiences. Jack lives in Boston with his beloved wife and terriers. He believes fervently in giving back to the community through his non-profit work, and also in the health benefits of good wine.

Posts by Jack:

For Bob

Robert, always Bob, DeMarco passed away recently – and we have all lost a true patient leader, a tireless advocate, researcher, and supporter for Alzheimer's caregivers, a gifted author, and an inexhaustible speaker. [caption id="attachment_27822" align="alignright" width="300"] Spotted: Jack Barrette and Bob DeMarco (Alzheimer's Reading Room) catching up in Florida.[/caption] Bob never sought awards or…

For Corinna

As a CEO who has seen his share of decades pass, with a WEGO Health team that’s stronger and closer than ever, I can begin to believe that I am ready for just about anything. Then this news, 2 days ago on Facebook:   It is with deep sadness that we deliver this news on…

For Jack: Remembering A Remarkable Man

Jack Whelan stopped by WEGO Health’s Boston headquarters this summer, on August 15th to be exact. We’d been meaning to spend some real one-on-one time for years; it seemed we were always in a group, changing the world with fellow advocates. Uncharacteristically, Jack was persistent – he wanted to set a date, he made sure…
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