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David Goldsmith
David has spent his career working at the intersection of technology and social change. Following his wife’s diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, he became a passionate advocate for patient empowerment and connected health. As chief strategy officer, David works to identify new ways for WEGO Health to bring meaningful value to our patient network, as well as to health care organizations and life sciences companies that can benefit from patient leaders. David is a Healthbox mentor and has served as an advisor to Stanford University’s MedicineX conference and the SXSW Healthcare Accelerator. David lives in Salt Lake City where he can be found skiing, mountain-biking and hiking with his Labrador retriever, Izzy.

Posts by david-goldsmith:

Has the “Gimme My Damn Data” movement reached a tipping point?

It’s been nearly ten years since Dave deBronkart was invited by Gunther Eysenbach to keynote the Medicine 2.0 Congress in Toronto. Eysenbach, a medical doctor and health informaticist, was putting the final touches on the conference program and had phoned Dave to ask him what title he wanted to use for his upcoming speech. Dave…

WEGO Health Experts One Year In: Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

In our first year of WEGO Health Experts, we learned some key lessons. Most notably, as powerful as an on-demand platform can be, it's still no substitute for "humanware" – the people on our team with the ability to facilitate connections, manage projects and ensure success. It’s been a year since we launched WEGO Health…
emerging liquid workforce in healthcare

Healthcare’s Liquid Workforce Has Arrived and Patients Are Center Stage

A new report from Accenture highlights five major trends in digital health, and one may surprise you. The report, Digital Health Technology Vision 2017, looks at how innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IOT), mobility, blockchain and the cloud are all converging to “create a perfect storm of healthcare transformation.” Whether you’re new…

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