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David Goldsmith
David has spent his career working at the intersection of technology and social change. Following his wife’s diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, he became a passionate advocate for patient empowerment and connected health. As chief strategy officer, David works to identify new ways for WEGO Health to bring meaningful value to our patient network, as well as to health care organizations and life sciences companies that can benefit from patient leaders. David is a Healthbox mentor and has served as an advisor to Stanford University’s MedicineX conference and the SXSW Healthcare Accelerator. David lives in Salt Lake City where he can be found skiing, mountain-biking and hiking with his Labrador retriever, Izzy.

Posts by david-goldsmith:

Transparency among patient influencers is a must

A post on today's Health Affairs blog by Judy Butler and Adriane Fugh-Berman presses the case for transparency among patient influencers who work with pharmaceutical companies. The authors cite WEGO Health's work with patient influencers and the industry, and suggest "these kinds of relationships have the potential to blur the lines between patients’ intentions and those…
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