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About: Christel Oerum

Christel Oerum
Christel Oerum is a Los Angeles based blogger, certified personal trainer, and diabetes advocate. She has been living with type 1 diabetes since 1997 and at an early stage decided that it wasn't going to slow her down. Her motto is "There is Nothing You Can't do With Diabetes". She writes about how to be Fit With Diabetes on DiabetesStrong.com. She also coaches people with diabetes from across the globe, online and in person, and supports them in meeting their health and fitness goals.

Posts by Christel Oerum:

How to use Facebook groups as a patient community

When my husband and I created our website Diabetes Strong in 2015, one of our greatest challenges was to find a way to communicate directly with our community – outside of just comments on individual blog posts and our newsletter. A review of the existing diabetes forums and message boards revealed that most of them…
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