Press Releases

Todd Kolm Joins WEGO Health As SVP Strategy & Insights

Industry thought leader to lead sponsor strategy and influencer-powered innovation.

WEGO Health Announces the Hire of Ross Fetterolf, SVP of Innovation

Digital and mobile health pioneer will drive strategy for Truvio and lead product innovation.

Online Patient Communities Pick 7 Top Healthcare Organizations

The first ever Community Choice Awards recognize organizations for engagement and commitment to patients.

Health Activists Implore Companies to Participate In Social Media, Correct Misinformation

WEGO Health / Digital Health Coalition survey finds social media's most active consumers value pharmaceutical and medical device company participation, especially to support product safety and to battle online misinformation.

New Program Has Doctors, Patients Learn Together As Traditional Relationship Changes Forever

In the first program of its kind, physician thought leaders and consumer Health Activists will co-develop video content to educate patients and doctors at the same time.

Press Kits

Download Truvio Press Kit

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White Papers

5 Patient-Powered Startups That Should Be Funded Today

This report contains actual results from real research conducted on the Truvio platform.

Social Media Won’t Wait: Health Activists Speak Out, Industry Speaks Up

FDA regulations may be delayed but Health Activists want healthcare companies to engage. Check out this white paper to see how both parties can get into the Social Media space and work together to make a difference.

A Health Activist’s Guide to Effective Online Advocacy

This slide presentation has reminders and tips for being an awesome online health leader.

Be a Health Activist

Check out this one-pager from WEGO Health that answers the big questions: “What is a Health Activist?”, “Am I a Health Activist?” and “What do Health Activists do?”.

In the News

Patient POV: The App Avant-Garde

Health Activists were assembled by WEGO Health to represent the patient perspective, and asked for their opinions of iBGStar and other personal devices and apps. Links in the article also lead to video comments from Amy Gurowitz, Jackie Zimmerman, Andrea Martin and Scott Benner.

The Online Couch: Mental Health Care on the Web

In this groundbreaking paper, Mental Health Activists and WEGO Health’s CEO share the online community’s opinions about Computer Based Therapy, and the role of the community itself in extending mental health treatment.

Using Social Media in FDA-Regulated Industries: The Essential Guide

This useful guide from the Food and Drug Law Institute includes chapters from FDA, FTC, marketing professionals, private attorneys and industry groups – and WEGO Health CEO Jack Barrette’s chapter, “Health Social Media – The Patient Advocate Perspective.” It presents different issues and perspectives on the cutting edge field of social media in a user-friendly, accessible way.

Health Populi: Will the FDA support or inhibit participatory health care when it comes to social media?

To be credible and trustworthy in these conversations, product and service companies have an obligation to the community to correct misinformation about the products, and to follow regulations, WEGO found.