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Effective July 9, 2007, last updated July 13, 2012

WEGO Health is a social network and health information Web site that combines expertise from our editors, members, and Health Activists to bring you the best health content available on the Web.

The People Behind the Pages

WEGO Health’s editorial and community teams are tasked with the responsibility of providing objective, accurate, and balanced accounts of Health Activist events and issues. We, not only promise to always give credit where it is due, but to also actively seek out Health Activist content to feature, promote, and spotlight.

Some of the content in the WEGO Health Network is user-generated and is not editorially reviewed by the WEGO Health editorial team. Any user-generated content that does not comply with our Terms of Service, however, will be removed at the discretion of the editorial and community teams.


All videos on WEGOHealth.tv are derived from video submissions to WEGO Health. Topics are chosen by Health Activists, or selected in consultation with our editorial and community teams based on trends we observe in the online community. All the material and information discussed is solely at the discretion of individual participants.

We do reserve the right to edit any video content submitted to WEGO Health. Videos may be edited for length, relevant themes and video or audio quality, but will not be edited in any way that alters their original meaning as intended by the featured Health Activist Video Star. Opinions expressed in WEGOHealth.tv videos represent the beliefs of individual video participants and do not reflect the opinions or official views of WEGO Health.

Be Respectful

WEGO Health welcomes Health Activists from all backgrounds, and encourages our members to participate in open, honest conversation. We recognize that there are many emotionally-charged topics when it comes to discussing health, and a wide range of opinions that accompany those topics; we expect our members to extend the respect and courtesy to others that they would expect be offered to them. WEGO Health is a place for open, constructive interaction. If we see inappropriate content, especially in the form of personal affronts, we reserve the right to remove it.

Being respectful also means respecting the medically-minded tone of the WEGO Health community. We expect all of our members to share information in good faith—meaning that it is accurate and truthful to the best of their knowledge. If you discover that you’ve inadvertently published something that’s inaccurate, please correct it as soon as possible.

Sponsorship & Advertising

WEGO Health funds its support for the Health Activist community through transparent, community-vetted advertising and sponsorships from health companies: research, content development, education, events, conferences, distribution programs, ad networks and more. We believe a solid business model helps us to provide an enduring, self-sustaining home for Health Activists. Every Health Activist participant in a sponsored program is made fully aware of who they are working with and how they can use their experience with WEGO Health to empower their communities. Every sponsor program or ad is clearly marked and all sponsored content (including ads, videos, and landing pages) will always be identified. Everything else is opinions and original work from our Health Activists, our editorial team, or WEGO Health.

Updates to This Policy

We will review this policy frequently and revise it periodically. If we make changes to this policy, we will post the updated policy here. This policy’s effective date will be identified at the top of the page.